My role

I am responsible for overseeing the Analytics team at Epsilon where I foster and lead innovation in identification, personalization, artificial intelligence, optimization, measurement and data visualization. The Analytics team’s scope of work spans from building key components of Epsilon’s PeopleCloud platform such as identification and optimization, to applying our platform’s powerful machine learning and analytical capabilities to deliver performance for client campaigns, to delivering reporting, visualization and customized insights on Epsilon’s performance to clients.

My story

Prior to my current role, I served as senior vice president of Analytics for Epsilon’s digital media arm, Conversant. Prior to that, I was the company’s vice president of Decision Sciences, where I was responsible for building intelligence into Conversant’s platforms. Before I joined Conversant, I held roles in analytics at ShopLocal, LLC and Information Resources where I specialized in website analytics, search engine marketing and CPG data reporting, among other things. In these roles, I built large-scale SEM solutions to drive website and online circular traffic, implemented algorithms for optimization of site content and presentation and built key components of multiple syndicated CPG data products.

Outside of work, I marvel at the musical performances by the talented artists in my family and tend to our garden when time permits.

My philosophy

Do. Don't try.

My qualifications

SM, Management, Sloan School of Management, MIT

BS, Biological Sciences, Stanford University