Remove the barriers
between you and your customers

We empower brands
to focus on the human element in marketing.

Data is in our DNA

Epsilon literally wrote the book on database management. For 50 years, we’ve helped marketers use cutting-edge technology to form strong relationships with customers wherever they are, through our connected suite of products and services.

The new playbook

Today, Epsilon is writing the new playbook for marketing, based on the idea of helping customers and not hyping technology. We believe that better business outcomes are driven by true connections, and that comes from seeing consumers as people. You’ll gain complete views of the people you reach, as well as tools to create better experiences, across every channel you reach them on.

Every interaction countsTM

Epsilon is the leader in interaction management. With world-class identity technology, industrial-strength data science and deep brand intelligence gained over decades of working with the industry’s top brands, we’ll help you break free of the confusion and inefficiencies of today’s fractured tech solutions. And we’ll work with you to end boring, redundant and irrelevant messaging, turning ordinary customer moments into meaningful human interactions.