Builders and plumbers more likely to tell the truth than politicians


Builders and Plumbers More Likely to Tell the Truth Than Politicians


LONDON, October 15, 2008 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX News Network/ Politicians are mistrusted

by 97% of Brits and the only professions people trust less are car sales

representatives and estate agents. We are twice as likely to trust a builder

or plumber to give us an honest opinion over our local MP, according to the

findings of a major impartiality study released today, by impartial price

comparison service,

Ashley Cole is revealed as one of the least trusted celebrities, with 99%

of Brits expressing their lack of confidence in the disgraced Chelsea

footballer. On the other hand, Cheryl Cole's judging counterpart, brutally

frank Simon Cowell is believed to tell the truth by a quarter of Brits.

Troubled singer, Amy Winehouse, was not far behind Cole in the

reliability stakes, with only 3% convinced that she tells the truth. Brits

are actually more likely to trust high-profile entrepreneurs such as Virgin

boss Richard Branson and The Apprentice front-man Sir Alan Sugar than Prime

Minister Gordon Brown and Conservative party leader David Cameron.

Who do we trust?'s study showed that Doctors are the most trusted

professions and it is not just kids who respect their teachers, over half of

UK adults named teaching as the most trustworthy profession.

But, it's not just people's professions that shape our perception of

trust. Northerners are considered to be the most trustworthy, according to

one in five Brits, followed by Southerners and the Scottish, each accounting

for 8% of those surveyed. The Irish narrowly beat the Welsh by 2% to be named

as the region that instils the most confidence.

Whilst the majority of people surveyed believe that trust crosses age

groups, there is some favouritism towards the over 64s, whilst 18-24 year

olds represent the age group we have the least faith in. Similarly, six out

of ten people surveyed believe that there is no difference in gender when it

comes to trust. However, 20% believe that women are more trustworthy compared

to only 7% for men. Interestingly, women are less trusting of men than vice


You can depend on...

Famed for calling a spade a spade, you can always rely on a northerner to

tell it how it is, especially a good mannered, well turned out, retired lady.

Ideally, she'll be an ex teacher or, even better, a former doctor or dentist!

And, if that doesn't convince you, her warm smile will!

Watch out for...

A cheeky Irish fella, aged 18-24, working as a car salesman or estate

agent. And, don't be fooled by those twinkling Irish eyes and good looks! He

could try wearing a wedding ring or cleaning his shoes to improve his image.

Mind your Ps and Qs

The survey revealed that manners really do make the man... and woman for

that matter! Good manners top the list of attributes most likely to be

associated with trustworthiness, with 56% of Brits naming this as a quality

that would give them confidence. So, after remembering those important little

words, "please" and "thank you", being well dressed, cited by over one in

four of respondents, and having a nice smile, cited by 23%, are also good

indications of trust.

However, the belief that traits such as being attractive or having large

eyes are beneficial is negligible. Only a very small percentage of those

surveyed believe that these qualities are a true indication of

trustworthiness. In fact, 7% of people surveyed are more likely to trust

someone wearing a wedding ring, 11% believe that clean shoes make a

difference and a fifth respond best to people with a nice voice.

Commenting on the findings of the impartiality study, Mattias Berg,

Managing Director of, said: "It's clear that we all have a

different perception of trust and what to look out for in order to identify

the truth. We should therefore be careful about where we gather information

and how our opinions are formed. This is particularly true in the online


He continued: "Addressing this, we created our pledge for the impartial

price comparison truth* to offer our users certainty about the pricing

information they get from us. Unlike other price comparison sites, we always

ensure that we list the cheapest price first and include pricing information

from all retailers, regardless of any advertising arrangements."

Notes for editors


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Mattias Berg
Mattias Berg
UK Managing Director
October 2008
Trusted professions

Profession Percentage of
Brits that trust
1 Doctor/Dentist 69%
2 Teacher 53%
3 Police Officer 52%
4 Lawyer 22%
5 Builder/Plumber 4%
6 Politician 3%
7 Car Sales Representative 2%
8 Estate Agent 2%

Please note that these figures do not total 100 as those surveyed were

asked to tick all that apply

    Attributes associated with trust
Percentage of
Brits that
associated these
attributes with
Attributes trust
1 Good manners 56%
2 Well dressed 27%
3 Nice smile 23%
4 Nice voice 18%
5 Clean shoes 11%
6 Wedding ring 7%
7 Attractive 4%
8 Large eyes 4%

Please note that these figures do not total 100 as those surveyed were

asked to tick three attributes that apply

About the impartiality survey:

All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. Total sample

size was 2,073 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken in 2008. The survey was

carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of

all GB adults (aged 18+).

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