Epsilon partners with Twitter to offer tailored audiences

Dallas, TX — January 14, 2014 —  Epsilon, the global leader in creating customer connections that build brand and business equity, today announced a partnership with Twitter to enable advertisers to more accurately target audiences using their own customer data.

Tailored audiences allows advertisers to define their own lists of customers or prospects for targeted advertising on Twitter. In partnership with Epsilon, advertisers can create audience segments by targeting their Promoted Tweets using CRM data, and activate them on Twitter while ensuring data security.

When combining the marketing services of Epsilon and Twitter, advertisers will have the ability to engage a highly valuable, targeted audience. First, Epsilon uses its proprietary SecureConnect match process to identify Twitter users within an advertisers’ audience, enabling Twitter to create and manage a targeted, tailored audience campaign. Next, by using offline data sources, Twitter’s tailored audience can be further refined, and be reached with more targeted Promoted Tweets. The result is a highly effective marketing campaign for the advertiser.

“Our partnership with Twitter will allow us to leverage the unique engagement characteristics of the platform and continue to bring market leading data activation capabilities to our clients. This is an exciting opportunity for Epsilon and Twitter—partnering to combine the power of Twitter along with insight we glean from reliable customer data,” said Eric Stein, Executive Vice President of Online Solutions.